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Posted on 01-30-2012

veterinarian in Berkeley performs spay and neuter services.jpgChoosing to spay and neuter your pets is a good idea for many different reasons. Whether you have a male or female animal, both you and your pet will benefit in a variety of ways when you make the decision to spay or neuter.

University Veterinary Hospital's Five Reasons to Spay and Neuter Your Pets

Better Health. Female cats and dogs are less likely to develop several forms of cancer when they are spayed early in life. Our veterinarian in Berkeley recommends spaying your female pets as early spaying will prevent uterine infections and some cancers later in life. 

Better Behavior. Male animals that are neutered are less likely to get into trouble; your dog or cat will be less likely to get into fights if he is neutered. This one time animal surgery can reward you with a lifetime of improved behavior from your male dog or cat and fewer veterinary bills caused by aggressive or destructive behavior. 

Less Wandering. Make an appointment with our office in Berkeley today if you have an escape artist or a wanderer. Neutered males are more likely to stay home, and less likely to roam around looking for female companionship elsewhere.

Less Nuisance. If your unspayed female cat or dog goes into heat, she may attract unwelcome gentleman callers from all over the neighborhood. Not only can this be a noise problem, but the unneutered cats could spray your home as well.

Lower Vet Bills: From improved health and longevity to a lower risk of injury from aggressive behavior, spaying and neutering your pet can greatly reduce the amount of money you spend per year on animal vet clinic bills for your pet.

Call our Berkeley animal vet clinic today to set up an appointment to spay or neuter your dog or cat and begin reaping the rewards of better health and behavior.

Have you recently had your pet spayed or neutered? What changes did you notice in their behavior? 

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