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Posted on 08-29-2012

Berkeley veterinarian helps with pet's itchy skin.jpgYou already know the importance of bringing your pet to our Berkeley animal hospital for routine health examinations and vaccinations, but have you considered that your pet has dermatological needs too? Like humans, pets often develop skin conditions that cause itching or soreness, as well as discoloration and changes in the skin's texture and ability to exfoliate normally.

There are many reasons why a pet may experience dermatological problems. Most often, allergies are to blame for a pet's skin problems. Pet allergens can include foods and dietary components, but they are most often related to environmental factors. Things like grass, mold, insect bites and perfumes can irritate a pet's skin. It is important to look for signs of dermatological problems such as persistent scratching or the development of a rash.

Let Our Veterinarian Put a Stop to Itchy Skin and Allergies

Here at University Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarian is trained and experienced in pet dermatology. When you bring your pet to our office for dermatological problems, we first attempt to identify the source of the problem, often allergies. For example, if your pet's itchy skin is most irritated during specific times of the year or after coming inside from the outdoors, we may recommend more frequent bathing or wiping your pet's paws after being in the grass. Alternatively, if your pet's condition seems to worsen after bathing, we may recommend changing to a specialty shampoo to correct the problem.

Some pets break out in hives, welts or rashes that require topical treatment. We may recommend an antihistamine or other prescription to help control symptoms and make your pet more comfortable. Keep in mind, however, that itching or rashes are not always caused by an allergy. In some cases, pets may experience reactions to vaccinations at the injection site, or the skin may be overly dry. Our veterinarian can help you determine the cause of your pet's skin condition and develop a treatment plan designed to restore balance in the skin.

Does your pet have regular dermatological check-ups?

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