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Posted on 03-04-2013

Dog Ear Health Issues Include Ear Mites, Infections 

dog ear health in Berkeley.jpgThe big, floppy or pointy ears on your dog may look cute, but they also invite trouble. The extremely open design on a dog's ear allows bacteria and pests to enter, leading to potential discomfort or even deafness if untreated. Fortunately for Berkeley dog owners, our team at University Veterinary Hospital is trained to detect and treat these problems. Let us look at some of the more common issues your dog's ears may face.

Ear mites are common pests who take up residence in the ears of dogs and cats. These tiny creatures can cause big discomfort, including such symptoms as itching, pain, infection and inflammation. Your dog may react by shaking his head or pawing at his ear constantly. Be on the lookout for a foul odor, a discharge that resembles coffee grounds in the ear, and dark-colored secretions. All that scratching and pawing can also cause hematomas and secondary bacterial infections; these may grow progressively worse until your dog lose his hearing in the affected ear, even with corrective surgery to repair the damage.

Other factors can also lead to a dog ear infection. Airborne allergens, fleas and skin diseases can all cause a dog to rub his ear until the skin is broken, creating a ready pathway for bacteria to invade and cause local or even systemic infection. Annual wellness exams can prevent these complications by allowing us to spot any pests that need eliminating or infections that might require treatment.

Let Us Be Your Dog Ear Health Resource

If you want to protect your dog against common ear ailments or seek treatment for a dog ear infection, bring pet to our clinic. Our wellness exams include a careful look inside the ear for any signs of mites, excessive dirt or diseases. We can also diagnose any pain or other symptoms your pet may be experiencing, and prescribe the right treatment to restore dog ear health.

Does your dog paw at his ear constantly? When did this behavior start?

Michael & Barbara Rance said:

Will not take our beloved pets no where else but Univercity vet! Great staff!

2013-08-19 08:54:44

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