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Posted on 10-08-2013

Berkeley Spay and Neuter FAQ

Pet Surgery as Preventative Wellness

spay and neuter as part of preventative wellnessPet owners instinctively abhor the idea of scheduling any kind of surgery for their beloved companion unless it is a matter of life and death. But spay and neuter surgery should be considered an important exception -- a form of preventative wellness care that can give your pet a longer life, a happier disposition, and a higher overall standard of health. Here are three common questions about these procedures:
What is spaying and neutering? Neutering involves removal of the testicles, while spaying is slightly more complex and invasive because it involves removing the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Our veterinarian, Dr. Mattu, recommends spaying or neutering for young puppies and kittens, but adults can have the surgery too.

How does this pet surgery boost my pet's health? Spaying and neutering slashes your pet's cancer risk. After all, a pet with no testicles or ovaries will never have to worry about testicular or ovarian cancer. The risk of breast cancer in females also drops due to hormonal changes following the surgery.

How does sterilization improve my pet's behavior? By removing the desire to mate, we also remove heat-related behaviors (or rather, misbehavior) such as aggression toward other animals, roaming away from the house, and the spraying of urine to mark territory. These changes could be considered good for your pet's health as well, because they could prevent dangerous fights or accidents.

Let Our Berkeley Veterinarian Help Your Pet

By the way, we should not overlook the value of population control to the overall pet community. Currently our animal shelters are overrun with millions of dogs and cats, many of whom will have to be euthanized. Sterilization relieves owners of the need to give animals up to shelters while relieving shelters of the awful responsibility they too often have to assume. Bring your Berkeley pet to University Veterinary Hospital for this all-important procedure. Together we can help not only individual animals but the entire animal community!

Have you dealt with pets in heat before? Describe the experience for our readers!

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