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Posted on 11-25-2013

3 Frequently Asked Questions about Puppy and Kitten Care

Our Veterinarian Has the Answers

Berkeley veterinarian answers puppy and kitten care questionsIf you just adopted a puppy or kitten, you may have some concerns as to proper care. Here are some of the basic questions we encounter:

1. What veterinary care should I schedule for my new puppy or kitten? All puppies and kittens need to have a thorough wellness evaluation performed, including blood and fecal testing to check for internal parasites and other problems that might require treatment. We will also vaccinate your pet against canine or feline distemper, rabies, and other dangerous communicable diseases. Puppies and kittens may require more frequent wellness visits than adult pets.

2. What does a puppy or kitten eat? The reason you cannot simply feed your baby pet ordinary adult food is because their systems require a different mix of nutrients during this stage of intense growth. Puppies and kittens may also need to eat more than adults because their active lifestyle demands so much energy. As you pet grows up, you will want to switch him to adult pet foods and adjust his calorie intake to prevent obesity. Puppies also have different dietary requirements than kittens, so if you have both, make sure you buy and serve separate foods for each animal.

3. How do I prepare my home to accommodate a puppy or kitten? Examine your home's furnishings, vents, walls, floorboards and other structures for areas where a small puppy or kitten might get trapped, and make the appropriate adjustments to eliminate that danger. Remove all toxic substances (including human foods, many of which are poisonous to pets) from easy access by a puppy or kitten. Hide or remove any tiny and/or sharp objects that might choke or injure your pet if ingested.

Give Your New Pet a Healthy Start

Bring your puppy or kitten to University Veterinary Hospital. We can help set the stage for a lifetime of happy health!

What is the biggest challenge you had with your new pet?

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